Hi all.  Just a little note to say that as we look back on what has been one of the most difficult years ever for us all, hopefully, with the news of a vaccine now available and being deployed nationwide, lets hope it’s the begining of the end of this virus and our lives will gradually get back to normal and we can look forward to meeting up with friends and family again.   Meanwhile,  take care of yourselves and hope you all have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Scott Graham Trophy 2020.

The last competition of this “season” was the Scott Graham Trophy played on Sunday 27th September .

The 2 Bowl Pairs competion, played on a warm autumn day was won by the pairing of Willie Milne and Morris Coats.

Well done to all the particpants and a big thank you to the spectators  who came along to support them.

This would normally be the closing weekend for our club but a few days extension has been granted. Members please contact club for details of any extension and  other information regarding guidelines  on closure procedures.

Gents Senior Singles Final

The Senior singles Final took place on Sunday 20th September between Willie Milne and Harry Dewar.

On a pleasant day the match was played in a friendly and sporting manner and the eventual winner was Willie Milne.

Commiserations to Harry and congratulations to Willie on his victory..

A big thank you to all spectators who came along to support the finalists.

Moran Pairs Final

The Finalists were Nancy Grubb/Dennis Hogan  vs  Margaret Cheape/John Wade

On a very pleasant day the game was played in a very friendly and sporting manner and resulted in victory for John and Margaret.

Congratulations to John and Margaret and commiserations to Dennis and Nancy.

A big thank you to all the spectators who came along to support the finalists.


All member please note the Moran Pairs final will take place on Sunday 13th September at 1 pm.

A good turnout of spectators in support of finalists would be much appreciated.