Clark/McLeod Shield

On Saturday 4th August Lochee and Barnhill contested the first round of the Clark /Mcleod Shield.

This year it was suggested by Bobby Clark (Lochee Bowling Club) and Rory McLeod(Barnhill Bowling Club) that we make our annual home/away fixtures between our clubs a little more interesting by competing for a trophy to be awarded to the club with the highest scores accumulated over both games.

A trophy shield was donated and on Saturday past both clubs contested the first leg. It was just like a normal Saturday match, with a little bit of incentive to win, but played in the usual good spirit,and I don’t mean the ones you get at the bar. On this occasion the victors were Barnhill with a score of 138 to 90. So Lochee have their work cut out next week So come on lads, you can do it. Let’s win this inaugrual match and bring the shield home.

Recent Competition Results

On Friday the 20th July our Club Championship Final was contested between Jim Law and Billy Milne to a very appreciative bunch of spectators. I don’t think our finalists will be to upset if I say both have played better throughout the championship and although it was not the most exciting of games. Billy just proved to be the better on the day and he was victorious . So well done to both gents. Commiserations to Jim and congratulations to Billy who goes on to represent Lochee in the City competition.

Sunday 22nd July saw the final of our Moran Pairs which was contested between AndyMoir/Chris Britton and Colin Norrie/Margaret Small. After a very exciting match Andy and Chris were victorious and a very proud Chris Britton received the trophy on their behalf to a very appreciative audience. Congratulations to them both.

On Friday 27th July it was our Points final between Billy Milne and Ian Smith. This proved to be an exciting final which could have gone either way but eventually won by Ian by only a couple of points. Congratulations to Ian Smith


Sidey 2 Bowl Pairs

Our open competition the Sidey 2 Bowl Pairs (co-sponsored by Cobblers Neuk) took place on Saturday 28th July. This year again proved this competition very popular with it being oversubscribed and the organisers having to ballot out numerous competitors. We had a very successful day. The good weather being a bonus considering what had gone before and everyone who participated enjoyed their games and the facilities. After some wonderful bowling through the early sections the final was between Maureen Ballantyne/Scott Stewart and Bobby Clark/Willie McIntosh, two pairs from the home club of Lochee.

A closely contested final followed and the eventual winners were the old hands of Bobby Clark and Willie McIntosh. Congratulations to them both and commiserations to the runners up.

Thanks to everyone involved in the organisation and help provided throughout the day.


Saturday the 30th June was a washout at our home fixture against Arbroath Bowling Club(Dishlandhill). A deluge of rain just prior to our start time made the green unplayable and, although we decided to hold off in the hope of a change in the weather , continual showers prevented us from going on the green and so had to eventully make the decision to cancel fixture. Of course ,Sods Law, kicked in later and the day ended in bright sunshine and the green dried out , just as the visiting team had decided to return home. Apolgies to Arbroath but unfortunately we cannot control the weather. Our away team were visiting Broughty Bowling Club and ,although some rain fell they were able to complete the full 21 ends

Angus League

The last week of the Division 3 games in the Angus League took place on Friday 22nd June. Lochee were playing hosts to Carnoustie and this was very important to Lochee as , although we were already guaranteed promotion a win on the day would ensure we were top of the division. After a very exciting game which all rested on one rinks result, the match eventally ended in a draw but this was sufficient for Lochee to top the Division. So congratulations to all the Lochee squad of players who took part in the competition and helped secure our promotion. We can now look forward to going onward and upward and aim for a First division spot next season.