Andrew Hamilton Trophy

On Saturday 16th June 2012 Lochee Bowling Club hosted the latest fixture of the Andrew Hamilton Trophy between City of Dundee Bowling Association and the Northern Counties Bowling Association .

L.B.C. being the home club of the current President of City of Dundee B.C. Bobby Clark put a little pressure on our club to present ourselves well and make sure everything went according to plan ( i.e Bobby’s plan) and of course for the City of Dundee bowlers to hopefully mark up a victory on their Presidents home green.

After a vey exciting game, played in good humour, the City of Dundee were victorious with a winning score of 128 v 103 much to the delight of Bobby.

God luck to C of D in their next fixture against Highland @ Kirriemuir on 23rd June.


Barnhill Bowling Club Open Fours

Well done to the rink of Alex Cuthbert,Stewart Sellars,Colin Norrie and Bob Taylor for reaching the semi finals of the Barnhill Bowling Club Open Fours on Sunday 29th May 2012. They did very well to get through first round without a defeat but unfortunately they came up against a home team Barnhill 2 in the semi and their run came to an end.

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